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50 Shades of Grey - Peru this Week

20 de febrero de 2015 08:18 PM
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50 Shades of Grey - Peru this Week

Sex. Kink. Pain. An erotic set of words seemed to pollute (or enliven, if you fancy) the air whenever conversations of “50 Shades of Grey” popped up. Set to be one of the hottest films of the summer, if not the year, mention of the novel-turned-feature film was hard to escape as it seemed to wrap up everyone’s attention, no matter if one had actually read the novel or not. From tame office jokes to bawdy teasing amongst close friends, the film title was at the tip of our tongues and pulling on our ears.

Quite naturally, as journalists, some of us at Peru this Week (we remain anonymous, not out of embarassment but rather…no, we are definitely guilty of shame) felt it our duty to see what the masses were so titillated about. My compatriot and I allowed playful jokes turn into shy whisperings scented with curiosity to see the film, eventually blooming into our plan to see the film on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday afternoon.

Who knew that with so much build up, we were about to watch a movie that failed to have any climax?

Was the film shocking? At moments. It did however move at a jaw-droppingly slow pace, elongated by a horrible script. Amazingly, neither of us fell asleep, but this was likely because we waited in aniticpation for that “wow” moment.

My friend (whose comment caught me a bit by surprise) had a point. Everyone has their choice and preference, but when a movie sells itself as something risque, why stop short?

Sure, prior to our viewing we had read reviews from members of the BDSM community whom complained that the movie failed to provide an accurate glimpse into this preferred lifestyle. But, like lusting fools, we chose to turn deaf ears to such warnings.

After sitting through what felt like two hours of punishment (in a bad way), we had definitely learned our lesson.

Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan. A good fit for the movie, with his dreamy grey-blue eyes and his intense facial features. He made the character romantic and erotic (according to the three women sitting behind us who showed no shame in oohing and aahing during the various ab-bearing scenes).

As for Dakota Johnson’s portrayal of Anastasia Steele, she didn’t seem to fit correctly in the movie. Don’t get me wrong she’s a good actress, but Ana needed to be played by some differently.

Elliot Grey, assumed by Luke Grimes. Smoking hot brother, that I’m sure more people would have liked to see more of.

Now, Mila Grey, played by Rita Ora, wasn’t even one of the main characters, but should be talked about. Why? Because what is Rita Ora, a British singer/songwriter, doing in this movie?! Totally out of place and, in her split on screen performance, the only thing she did was speak French (and no, she was not wearing a maid outfit). Believe us, that would have added some sense to things.


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