Constituents praise Patos but...time to move one

11 de febrero de 2015 06:30 AM

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News day / However, while all were pleased with Manning's performance in his over 40 years, unbroken, as their MP, they felt that it was appropriate for him to step aside. For instance, Cocoyea resident and bakery attendant Sharon Brewster, sang Manning's praises, but felt he was too ill to continue to handle the stress of being in Parliament.

"I think it's good that he's no longer in the running because of his health, and because I think that he has already given us his best years. When he was there, he gave to the community and Trinidad and Tobago at large, his best years. So I think that we've already gotten the best out of Mr. Manning, and now we could be satisfied that he is resting," Brewster said.

In reference to the selection of the new candidate, Randall Mitchell, she said that although she is not familiar with him, she trusts the PNM's judgement. Mon Repos resident Keith Hercules praised Manning as he recollected his (Manning) childhood years, going to and from school, from Cocoyea, through Mon Repos.

"I consider it to be very good that Mr. Manning has now stepped aside. This is a gentleman who, since a little child, I would say a young child, went into politics. He has been our representative for all that time, 40 plus years."

Ruell Sobers of Pleasantville said, "Time for him to step down. It's time to give someone else a chance…Perhaps Mitchell can do a good job. Manning did more than great of a job, Manning do the unbelievable, but as time goes by, and he get older, time for someone else to step up."

Mon Repos resident and mini mart owner, Curtis Williams felt that Manning "served well, and long," so that it was his time to go. He admitted that he did not know much about Mitchell. Jeffrey Sammy, also of Mon Repos expressed a similar sentiment, "It's good. Once it's an experienced person stepping up as Manning is stepping down, I consider that a good move for him, considering his age at this point in time in campaigning too. I'm OK with the new candidate for the hour."


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