‘I'm a pro, Fatima'

11 de febrero de 2015 06:30 AM

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‘I'm a pro, Fatima'

News day / Montano's "apology" was posted on his Instagram page yesterday under a picture of a newspaper headline, quoting the Fatima Old Boys' Association calling for him to issue a public apology for his behaviour at their all−inclusive fete held at Fatima College, Mucurapo Road, St James, last Saturday.

President of the Fatima Old Boys' Association Dwight Andrews had said the organising committee found Montano's behaviour to be "deplorable" as the artiste publicly complained about the sound system, the organisers and the professionalism of the other artistes and bands on the cast.

In a series of comments under the photo he posted, Montano said, "At least I stayed there and did it under the circumstances. I iz AH professional! Next time I will know better than to voice the truth! All those who know me to deliver stand up and represent. The voices of resistance can't out weigh the voices of existence! It's on and I stand my ground!!!"

"If (they) want to take it all from me Take it! I give thanks to the lord! Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can but most importantly…the wisdom to know the difference!"

He then commented that he was finished with the issue. A few minutes later, underneath his post, a fan asked Montano if he would apologise as "things like these pull you down" and he said, "let's see how far, pull me down, ok, let's see."

"I bet all who have bad things to say don't go through what we the entertainers go through and guess what I reallllll happy right now so. Is sorrel yes. All I live for is to make every show enjoyable to d fans and promoters. If they don't appreciate that well I guess is hard luck yes." He said that the footage of the fete should be reviewed and his fans should tell him if he was disrespectful.

"I was only honest and guess what it's cool, I will hush my mouth and just keep my standards next time. Is who call me. I will keep doing what I do and who vex loss," Montano said. Montano's fans also left supporting comments even saying that Fatima should apologise to Montano for giving their favourite artiste an inferior sound system.

While one woman chastised him: "No need to behave like a spoiled child, it's important to practice some level of respect and decorum at any event you're invited to perform. No need to criticise you are an artiste, a musical artiste, behave like one."

However, even at his Machel Monday concert, Montano hit out at his detractors.

"They could flush me down the toilet every morning, I am still here doing me. They could cuss me out, I am still here," he declared on Monday night to his fans at Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port−of−Spain.

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