Murder after baptism

11 de febrero de 2015 06:30 AM

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News day / At the Forensic Science Centre (FSC) in St James yesterday, the victim's mother Jessica Bynoe said her son lived in Tobago for a number of years and worked as a labourer. Recently he was acquitted of robbery charges and a relative along with church members encouraged him to change his life and join the church.

"He had a cousin and she told him, ‘boy change your life', because he got arrested about three times by police. A mother in the church also told him to join the church and get baptized. He said he would do it and eventually he turned his life around," Bynoe said.

On Saturday last, Bynoe who was staying at Lowlands, Tobago, was baptized into his cousin's church and he was ready to live a new life. That new life, however, only lasted a few hours.

On Saturday night, he was dropped off at his sister's home and the following morning as he was lying in a bedroom of his San Juan Old Road home at about 11 am, Bynoe's sister left for the market.

Moments later, gunmen burst into the house, and shot him in the head. As he lay dying on the bed, the assailants snatched a gold chain from Bynoe's neck, took his cellphone and fled.

The sister was informed of the incident while she was at the market. She dropped her market bags and rushed back home only to see Bynoe on the bed with a bullet wound to the head. Somehow, he was still breathing and an Emergency Health Services ambulance was summoned. Bynoe was rushed to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) in Mt Hope, where he underwent emergency surgery.

All through Sunday night, the father of two fought for his life, however on Monday, he finally succumbed to his injuries. Doctors said major swelling of the brain from the bullet wound played a key role in Bynoe losing his life.

An autopsy revealed that Bynoe died as a result of shock and haemorrhaging consistent with a single gunshot wound to the head. Up to press time, no arrest was made and police have not recovered the stolen items.

A grieving Bynoe said she was left heartbroken to see her son, after making such a concerted effort to turn his life around and leave behind his former life of crime, was in the end, cut down by a bandit's bullet shortly after he gave his life to Christ.

"I want justice," said the grieving mother. "They killed my boy for a gold chain. My boy was killed just after he turned his life around. What is going on in this place? I want justice for my son," Bynoe cried. Up to press time, the murder rate for the year stood at 34. Investigations are continuing.


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