Work for Carnival

11 de febrero de 2015 06:30 AM

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News day / Alfonso told Newsday he wants to meet with the association's executive to listen to their concerns about salary negotiations with the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO).

"I am sure that this thing can be resolved with dialogue and I am willing to meet with the association in the interest of the country but at the same time I am mindful of several other issues which I know dialogue can resolve," Alfonso said.

Sworn in as a Government Minister, a week ago, Alfonso said he met with Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams on Monday to discuss security arrangements for Carnival and the issue of officers not working due to stalled negotiations came up.

Secretary of the Police Social and Welfare Association Inspector Michael Seales told Newsday he and others met with the CPO yesterday, but no agreement was reached.

"We want to be treated equal to teachers, on par with them as circumstances demand and we are being reasonable in every respect in relation to our negotiations. We are seeking parity and nothing less than 14 percent for the period 2011 to 2013," Seales said.

"The police association had negotiations with the CPO yesterday and the situation is still deadlocked where the CPO is not budging and she has not put an offer on the table."

Seales said an emergency meeting will be held today with the membership at an undisclosed location to decide the way forward.

"If issues are not settled then it will not be Fantastic Friday but rather Hell Friday," Seales declared, referring to the International Soca Monarch finals, which starts the weekend of Carnival competitions.

These include the Junior Parade of the Bands and Panorama in Port−of−Spain on Saturday, and the national Parade of the Bands on Monday and Tuesday across the country.


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